Hooray for your new piece by Mouré! You’ve invested your hard earned moolah into that baby, and it should be treated with love and care. So here are a couple things to remember about your jewels and tips to keep them look’n rad.

All finishes (polishing/oxidising) are temporary, just like that bowl cut your mom gave you in 5th grade, and will evolve through wearing. The rate at which finishes diminish is dependent upon the wear.  

- Dont be afraid of change! The wear and tear in the finish makes each piece even more “yours” and yours alone. It adds a little extra story to your piece and makes it even more unique. If change ain’t your thang, we aren’t judging. After all, we still only eat peanut butter sandwiches with the crusts cut off. In this case, refinishing is available to return your jewelry to its former glory! Just ask us. Prices vary depending on item.

- If your jewelry is set with stones or pearls, it does not like to get wet. Especially in salt water. Ixnay on bringing them with you on any late night skinny dipping sessions in the ocean, sudsing up with them in the shower, or bringing them along with you during your synchronized swimming routines in the pool. Mouré feels you should DEFINITELY engage in all of the above, just not while donning your jewelry. 

- Hey, we understand you gotta look fly girl. But, chemicals contained in perfumes, lotions, and hair products may damage or discolor your jewels. So apply all that goodness before you put on your Mouré.

- Your jewelry should make you feel like you can take on the world, but remember, your Mouré ornaments are not as tough as you! They are meant to be worn, seen, and remind you of your uniqueness. Don’t hesitate to display them everyday! Just rock them with care babe.